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Special Announcement!

OM School is Offically OM School Inc.

Now in Ontario, canada

Únase a GP y su estudiante y productora Lisa Berry

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To make things simpler for students we have divided all the courses into 2 main tracks.

Meet the Team

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Welcome Seeking Hearts

 & Questioning Minds

We have gathered together a team of dedicated heart-enlightened people to manage and guide all students with a singular purpose...


End Suffering ~ Be Happy 

One of the most important parts of learning is being in an environment is that is inviting, promotes inquiry, is interactive and encourages building a practice that is fun and supportive yet intriguing enough to guide you to the next level along your spiritual path.


That’s why we’re excited to welcome you to OM School and The G Team. We are here to direct you to the best most aligned, book, course, class, or private session to meet you where you are. 


We, here at OM School, feel for all spiritual subjects. It is way more than just having it stick in your brain, more than simply applying the information in daily tasks, it's knowing who we truly are so that we can end suffering and open the door to happiness for ourselves and all 8 billion worlds on this 1 planet. 


See you in class 👋🏻 


GP Walsh

Founder and Spiritual Guide

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Lisa Berry

Co-Founder, CEO and Managing Director

Lisa Berry invites every one to speak and share with her as CEO or as a life coach as she enthusiastically embraces all communication, from anyone interested in spiritual growth. 

While full of creative ideas on how to improve the experience at OM School and is there to help you as well.

Lisa manages all the day to day operations and both produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, OM School Live, with Master Spiritual Teacher and Co-Founder, GP Walsh.


She works with the OM School team, internal and external networks, establishes and future, current and potential business relationships with partners, customers, affiliates and suppliers.


Lisa is the chief cheerleader and charm officer and invites you to share your ideas on growing the OM School Community.


Sally Anne Saint

Student Support and Coach

Sally embraces the opportunity to offer her full attention to each student and teacher who is exploring the numerous courses and classes at OM School as Student Support and Coach.

She offers guidance in choosing the next steps by giving an experienced recommendation to a technique or class that she intuitively feels will allow for spiritual growth.

Sally's role to assist others in releasing old conditioned patterns and wounds comes with compassion and non-judgement

She is a beautiful embodiment of the OM School motto, End Suffering ~ Be Happy

We invite you to start your conversation with Sally to begin and continue your practice towards spiritual illumination.

Susannah Wilson

Coach and Endless Fountain of Ideas

Susannah openly and vulnerably shares her after-class experiences of her successes and setbacks on her journey of spiritual illumination each week as OM School’s Live Student.


She demonstrates how using GP 's lessons and techniques, such as self-inquiry and IR, Inner Reconciliation), to create a spiritual practice can help to end suffering and open the door to happiness. 

Please tune in weekly to Susannah's inspiring journey